Did You Know You Only Have 5 Days to File an Appeal After an OVI Arrest?

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Being Charged Does Not Equal “Guilty”

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One common and extremely costly error being made by individuals charged with OVI is to plead guilty before every other legal resource is exhausted. Linda Malek is an OVI lawyer in Kent Ohio and has the know-how and experience to use law in our favor to begin protecting your rights.

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Why You Need an OVI Lawyer in Kent Ohio

Driving intoxicated is a dangerous criminal offense across the entire United States. It’s important to understand that if you are charged with an OVI/DUI, you will be subjected to serious consequences. In this situation, you must consider whether an attempt to defend yourself is in your best interest.

An experienced and qualified OVI lawyer in Kent Ohio should be the first phone call you make. OVI attorneys are updated on new regulations that will apply to your city, and they also understand how the court system functions. This could be the difference in the outcome of your sentencing and/or penalties.

Not all legal professionals in your city have the same education, training, and experience to deal with all corners of your case. Attorney Linda Malek has the expertise and experience in every aspect of defending her clients in OVI/DUI cases. Being represented by an attorney who specializes in drunk driving defense will make all the difference in the final outcome of your case.

Just like in any field, OVI/DUI legal professionals are significantly better and more knowledgeable at what they do than others. OVI/DUI arrests and their charges vary according to the complexity of the case as well as the expertise and experience of the lawyer who is representing the individual being charged.

You will need a Kent DUI lawyer that has the experience in dealing with cases exactly like yours and has provided end good results for her clients.

When Having a Lawyer is Important

During the pre-trial meeting, an OVI/DUI attorney’s help is extremely important. They are going to research and make use of any technical flaws they’re able to discover in order to build a solid defense in preparation for either trial or a settlement. An actual legal trial is the final part of the court procedure.  If a trial is set, your lawyer will take part in the selection of jurors who will listen to your case.

Keep in mind that in the event that you do go to trial, the justice must provide evidence that your guilt is the only sensible conclusion based on hard evidence. Therefore, if you are faced with an OVI/DUI charge, do not simply give up. Keep in mind that you could face jail time if you do not look for specialized DUI legal professionals to safeguard your legal rights.