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One common and extremely costly error being made by individuals charged with an OVI/DUI is to plead guilty before every other legal resource is exhausted. Akron OVI attorney Linda Malek has the know-how and experience to use law in our favor to begin protecting your rights. If you’ve been charged with an OVI/DUI in Akron, Ohio, you need to get in touch with Linda Malek immediately.

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With over 18 years of experience when it comes to defending OVI/DUI cases, Akron OVI attorney Linda Malek has earned herself the reputation of being the attorney who will not give up. Linda will continue fighting for your case until every strategy applicable to your charge has been exhausted.

She holds several OVI/DUI certifications that have made her performance inside, as well as outside the courtroom even more powerful. Whether you failed a breathalyzer test, were arrested for refusing to take a breathalyzer, failed a sobriety test, or were pulled over during a checkpoint, you do not have to face these charges alone.

When it comes to an OVI/DUI in Akron, Ohio, time is of the essence. Waiting too long to hire an attorney can only hurt your case.

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Article 2938.08 Defendant presumed innocent

A defendant in a criminal action is presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty of the offense charged, and in case of a reasonable doubt whether his guilt is satisfactorily shown, he shall be acquitted. The presumption of innocence places upon the state (or the municipality) the burden of proving him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.