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Being Charged Does Not Equal “Guilty”


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A DUI or OVI – as it is known in Ohio, may seem like the end of the world. If you have been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, there is plenty of recourse for you to explore. You must first familiarize yourself with your case, and then if you feel the need for it, hire a local DUI attorney. Hiring a top notch Akron OVI lawyer would have plenty of benefits, from protecting your rights to helping attain reduced charges, a good lawyer could place you in a better position.

Were You Arrested or Charged for an OVI in Akron

Being convicted of a DUI in Ohio is a process that takes time. Many things are going to be considered from the moment you get pulled over for a roadside investigation. That is why in these instances, it is always best to provide as little information as possible. Other than identifying yourself and showing your license, registration, and proof of insurance, you are under no obligation to say anything else. After the roadside investigation, the officer should have probable cause to take you in for charges against you to be valid. In Ohio, the legal limit for your blood alcohol content is .08%. Anything above this can be cause for conviction. At the same time, anything over .17% results to mandatory jail time.

Preparing For Your Defense Does Not Have to be a Struggle

This is where having an experienced Akron DUI attorney would be very useful. Experienced city attorneys would have the skill and discernment to review your case very closely. They know what to look for in order to build a strong defense in your favor. They would also know how to protect your rights and work for your best interest. A skilled lawyer could even have your charges dismissed, or if you have been convicted, have the charges reduced. For instance, your OVI charge could be reduced to Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle or Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle, which would have much lighter implications on your future.

What are the Consequences of an OVI Conviction?

There are different penalties for different types of DUI convictions. First-time offenders have smaller fees and shorter jail times compared to felony DUI offenders. Likewise, Underage DUI has different consequences as well, although the state of Ohio is not very lenient with underage driving under the influence. That said, a good defense attorney would give you the chance to get better terms after your conviction. This means that despite your conviction, your sentence would be more tolerable and easier to complete. This would not only have positive effects on your current situation, but on your future as well.